Property Disclosure Report

Property Disclosure Reports are comprehensive downloadable PDF documents that allow you to view every detail of our high quality listed properties without the pressure of a Real Estate Agent!

Sold on Property offers you, as a registered member, a complete Property Disclosure Report provided exclusively by Sold on Property for each property listed on the site. The Property Disclosure Reports are comprehensive, easy-to-understand downloadable PDF documents.

Each Property Disclosure Report maintains the following criteria:
  • Specific Property information in an easy-to-understand document
  • Every property with a current valuation
  • Documented rental appraisals
  • Documented comparable sales statistics by reputable sources
  • A higher level of disclosure on fees and costs than normally found in property reports
  • Each property meets all Australian State requirements for Real Estate disclosure
  • Independent statistical information on property investment
  • The report provided allows you to research and view properties in your own time without the pressure of a real estate agent