About Sold On Property

Sold on Property Pty Ltd (SOP) has developed a unique and efficient system for the purchase and sale of property that incorporates a much higher level of research and disclosure information than would normally be found in marketing material relating to property. The purpose is to provide the buyer with everything they need in order to make an informed and timely �buy� decision.

The beauty of this particular system is that it applies the key elements of ASIC�s standards for purchasing an investment product through a licensed financial planner to the process of purchasing investment property. The SOP system provides a full written disclosure to clients on all aspects of the property including a professional valuation, depreciation schedules, rental returns, costs relating to stamp duty, rates, insurance, etc, and infrastructure and historical capital growth data relating to the area.

Sold on Property has an experienced and professional team to ensure that you have the resources to purchase or introduce listed properties with confidence and simplicity.